Saturday, July 09, 2005

I'm . . . I'm a veg, Danny

One of the huge myths of modern life that pretty much all of us engage in is that we actually have some idea what celebrities are really like. This gives us something to talk about, lets us feel better than them, and allows us to entertain ourselves, so I guess it's harmless. But in some cases, I think the public view isn't far off. The general impression most people have is that Chevy Chase is an arrogant, conceited jackass. I've always agreed wholeheartedly with this (although not without regrets; despite his involvement in a mind-boggling list of shitty movies, Fletch makes up for one hell of a lot). And this quote, from a Sports Illustrated item on the 25th anniversary of Caddyshack, in which he discusses the film's continuing popularity, certainly supports the general perception of Chevy: "There was something about the relationship between Ty Webb and Assistant groundskeeper Carl Spackler and what they both represetned metaphorically relative to the country club."

I'm surprised he didn't mention semiotics or postmodernism. Anyone who discusses a film like Caddyshack on a metaphorical level is, quite frankly, as much of a stuffed shirt as the country club members at Bushwood. People don't watch movies like that to think deeply; they do it to laugh. And that Chevy Chase describes the movie in that way certainly doesn't make me think he's any less of a jerk. No wonder Bill Murray punched him when Chevy came back to guest-host SNL.


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